DIfferent strokes

site link: http://www.parispi.net/lifestyles/features/life_styles/article_80cc15e2-74c4-11e4-b691-c7aacac23266.html

Becky Hedges demonstrates zentangle method

The reason why I chose this article is that I think there are  few similarities between Hedges and me.

First, both she and I don’t major in art, but like it. Even I don’t major in art, I love drawing and doing calligraphy.Also I haven’t specially taught  art. However, ‘just start’ zentangle and calligraphy, because I like it. This aspect is quite similar between us. And the way which I get the motive from others’ artworks but not copy it is same as Hedges.

Second, what she think is exactly same as what I think. In the article she says,

“When I start pieces it’s hard for me to know when to quit. But it comes to a point that you can’t do any more and I stop,” she added. “I can easily work for four hours and not realize how long I’ve been working,”

Both calligraphy and zentangle, it took somehow long time to get familiar with skills needed to do them, however I never gave up and kept practicing even I was not satisfied with my results. And even I have to improve more, I think artwork of thesedays are far better than past.

And I like the phrase “just go where it leads me.” Because that’s the main characteristic of Zentangle as I posted last time.

Without plan, just draw patterns as your hand goes. I think that’s the best way to create wonderful zentangle artworks.


Endeavor/noun (also verb)


syn.strive, effort

ant. give up

I will endeavor to finish my artwork.

prominent / adj

중요한, 눈에 잘 띄는, 두드러진, 현저한

syn. importnat, clear,evident

ant.minor, vague

The man over there is a prominent politician.

private/ adj

개인(소장)의, 사유의



SNS seems not to be private communication system, because every body can see my private life.


Debate : Censorship of art

site link : http://www.econtentmag.com/Articles/News/News-Feature/Should-Social-Media-Censor-Content-100214.htm

(The article only covers social media, but our debate will cover the area of classic art too)

Even if people argue that Censorship of art invade the freedom of speech nd artists’ freedom of expression, still we need censorship of art(media). There are statistical evidences that show sex and violences in art effect people to commit a crime such as murder or sexual violences. (For example, people who are addicted to game can confuse reaity and game they play, and there are inferences of people’s committing sexual violences because of pornos.) Also people should notignore “Government’s responsibility to protect citizens from indecent media(art). Freedom of speech (expression) is important but we should know that it can be also be misused too. And people don’t have to worry about political problems because our country is executing (삼권분립) seperation of powers. It’ll be mor dangerous if there are no regulator than censorship exists. And citizens in thesedays are so mature that they have ability to figure after unfair suppress. Lastly, not only children but also parents have different rate of accepting media and art. Therefore giving them free to chose what they allow their children to see is not the best way because adults can also be affected by art(media) so we need censorship. In conclusion, the most important point is that censorship does not regulate all kind of arts. It regulates if there are possibilities that art of media can hurt others’ right or effect people in negative way. It exists to maintain healthy culture d to protect both artists and appreciators.


Behead /v

목을 베다, 참수하다



The terrorists ended up beheading the hostage.



syn.step,stride / step, pace


We should be careful not to tread on others’ feet.


끝내다/중단되다,일을 중단시키다./박탈하다/죽이다

syn.end, conclude


And it resists being forcibly terminated.


The origin of zentangle

Site link :https://www.alternativesnet.org/event/the-wonderfully-crazy-art-of-zentangle/

This article shows the origin of zentangle. According to the rticle the origin of article is Maria’s doodling. (However, you should have know the difference between zentangle. Because I told you right before on my post.)

Anyway, I was surprised that in normal life we can find out ‘new genre of art’. The great artworks come from common episode!

Also the best quote(?) of this article is

“When yoy don’t have any expectations, You don’t have limitations, and it just becones a primal, beautiful experiences. It is wonderfully crazy.”

-Rick Ronerts-

Like him, we should try to find out something in our life! The star might be common, but that could be wonderful thing that you have never expected.

And I will add today’s(14.11.18)

zentangle artwork!!


It was first time for me to fill up full sketchbook with zentangle drawing!


Garner / verb

정보, 지지 등을 얻다

Syn. Get

Ant. X

Her cinemativ music videos have always garnered a lot of attention.

Rehabilitate / verb

회복시키다,재활치료하다, 사회복귀를 돕다



It is difficult for celebrities to rehabilitate their ruined image.

Veteran / noun


Syn. Expert


I need lots of practices to be a veteran calligraphist.


Differences between zentangle and dodling

Site link: http://tanglepatterns.com/zentangles/what-is-a-zentangle

I will recommend this article as best article which explains about zentangle very well. What I really want you to read is the part that compare zentangle and doodling.

As zentangle is exactly different from doodling, you should know the differences beyween it and you shoud be proud of yourself of doing zentangle arts.

According to the article, there are three main differences between those two.

First, zentangle does not put importance on outcome, but ‘process’. As zentangle is an unplanned, abstract, and non-object artwork, it puts importance an foundation and process. Therefore, it does not contain recognizable objects. Last difference is that zentangle methods are very focused and mindful, while doodling is been doing with there thoughta occupied with sonething else.


Boundless / adj

경계가 없는

Syn. Free, unstructured

Ant. Structured, limites

That band plays boundless music, which does not have limitatipn of genre they play.

Inspired / adj

영감을 받은


Ant. X

I was inspired by the beautiful scenery.

Aimlessly / ad



Ant. X

I was walking around the city aimlessly, to get rid of my stress.


How to start zentangle 2 (skills and tools)

site link : http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Zentangle

Click to Enlarge

 Now, are you clear with how to start zentangle? I want to recommend that you don’t have to get all of these zentangle tools. Because, during practicing you’d better use cheaper pen so that you can use it without hesitation. ( You must hesitate to use it if you buy expensive one.)

Even there are articles that recommend you to but qualitified tools, I don’t agree with that!! 😦 We should practice freely!

Now, I will introduce my zentangle tools to you!

zenart tools

(sorry for outfocused…)

It’s real zentangle tools that I use, I usually use pigmet liners which is different from normal ink liners. Because I can’t use watercolor paint if I use water soluable ink. Therefore, I usually draw background in zentangle with multiliners and then color it with watercolor paint.

(From the top)

1.It is pen of Shrpie. I usually use it to draw thick line. It’s water proof! But it smells bad.

2.It’s plus pen of Monami. I can draw thinner line with this. But I use it when I don’t color my artwork, because it is water soluable.

3.It is 0.7mm pigment liner of Steadler. Ink is permanent and waterproof. There are other pigment liners in ‘Eddin’ from german, ‘Sakura’ and ‘Pentel’ from Japan. (But I don;t prefer to use Japan’s. :/  Thckness is same with Sharpie, but I use this more.

4.It is 0.05mm pigment liner of Steadler. I use this to express dramatically delicate zentangle patterns!


tangle / noun

얽힌것, 꼬인 상태

syn. knot, web,jam,entanglement

ant.(verb) disentangle

Koreas financial affairs are in tangle.

contour / noun

윤곽, 등고선


ant. X

I have vivid memories of his facial contour.

deliberate / adj

고의의, 심사숙고의



We must do so in anyway that is responsible and delibrate.



photo by http://www.pinterest.com/pin/327285097895410712/

site link : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/11/07/art-therapy-techniques_n_6103092.html?utm_hp_ref=arts

(You’d better see all, but there are an article about zentangle on number six.)

In the article, the exact definition of zentangle is “A drawing methd invented by Rick Roberts andMatia Thomas, designed to make drawing meditative and accessible to all.” According to article, you can do this without teachers coaching, it is fascinating thing to recreate your own zentangle pattern!

As the article says, it can be very theraputic methods. Besides, there are many other art methods that can heal you. What is interesting is that zentangle can combine with anything. As the article says, you can combine it in any kind of artwork.

For example, you can combine it on postcard making. As I posted, this is my artwork today (and the rose thing is kind of zentangle pattern, it’s official.)

zenart3 zneart1

As you can see it, I usually use micropen to draw base lines. I’m not done in this artwork yet, but I will repost it after my zentangle backgraound artwork is done 🙂

Anyway, I combine zentangle artwork with post card making, and mozaique artwork. I used masking tapes to express colorful rose zentangle.!

While doing this you can feel yur concentration getting powerful, also you can calm down yourself, because it needs delicate artwork. Maybe next time, I can introduce zentangle ingredients!


meditative/ adj


syn. reflective, thougtful


Zentangle is very meditative artwork, while graffitti is very freewheeling.

proximity /noun

(거리,시간상) 가까움

syn.nearness, closeness


Proximity between house and school is important condition to choose your house.

shrine / nou


syn. X

ant. X

Wimbledone is a shrine for all lovers of tennis.


Zentangle heals patients

site link : http://insurancenewsnet.com/oarticle/2014/10/18/art-therapy-cancer-survivor-doodles-to-help-ease-the-pain-a-569150.html#.VFbjmPnkdS4

As you can see on the article above, zentangle has a effect of healing patients.

According to my experience, I think this effect can be appear(?) because of ‘concentration’ , which comes up when person is doing zentangle. when I do zentangle, I really can ignore whatever environments aroud me. In cafe, even there are many people chatting, I can keep concentrate on my artwork. Because it need deep concentration to keep drawing patterns. Also because some of the patterns are very tiny, I have to look carefully on my paper (or canvas)

Let me put my pictures of doing zentangle! See how I am serious(?) when I’m doing zenarts! Maybe I put more concentrations in zentagle than study for exam 😛

my zen4 my zen3

As you see it, I am feeling all part of the cupholder, which I draw zentangle on it, and it is up to drawer whether to put colors on it or not. When I do zentangle, I feel I’m getting sucked in paper. It feels realy weird but interesting. After finish it, you can feel gratification and you must want to draw more!

I have lots of zentangle artworks on cupholder, and let me show you

one more!

myzen1 my zen2

Don’t you want to start zentangle?! 🙂


doodle / verb

낙서하다, 뭔가를 끄적거리다

syn. scribble


Zentangle is beyond doodling, it is kind of an art.

hereditary / adjective


syn. genetic, ancestoral

ant. acquired

Her diseas was caused by hereditory reason.

subsie / verb


syn.decrease, diminish,ease


Zentangle can somewhat subside ones pain.