Designing Hageul

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summary/ opinion

It’s another article about caligraphist ‘Byungin Kang’. To continue, he phraes supriority of Hageul, and how it is important as source of art, and other cultural businesses.

And what I exactly want to do is that. I want to improve Korean calligraphy as a source to appeal beauty of Hangeul to foreignors. My ultimate goal is to build Korean calligraphy town, or sreet like ‘이화 벽화마을’ and other art streets, until people can appreciate Korean calligraphy at anywhere, anytime.

Calligraphy is already popular as commercial products, but I think those products lack it’s deep meaning as Korean culture, thing that can represent Hangeul, which King Saejong made.


meager / adjective

메마른, 빈약한

syn. unsatisfied, unfulfilled

ant. fulfilled, complicated

I think this advertisement drew meager effect.

uphold /verb

유지하다, 옹호하다

syn. support, remain

ant. interfere,criticize

Many people uphold their party, and politicians.

synergy / noun


syn, ant X

Good partnership results in synergy effect.


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