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Now I would like to talk about  calligraphy tools. In past, to do korean calligraphy, people need ‘문방사우’,which means ‘the four traditional things to study.’ It includes brush, paper (especially asian traditional one called ‘한지’.), ink stick called 먹, and inkstone called 벼루. But when people do modern calligraphy, we don’t have to be bound on specific materials. (keep working) Above, the guide recommends you various calliraphy methods that you can use without hardness. Few of them are what I use when I do calligrpaphy. They are not heavy as traditional brush, so people can carry it in their pen pouch. Also there are many portable calligraphy tools you can get easily. And now I will show what I got stucked theseday.


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They are my calligraphy tools. And at the top, there is hard-type water color pain. With itwater brush, which is right under it, I can draw pictures and write colored calligraphy.

(And some dry flowers and masking tapes to make calligraphy bokmarks.)

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Also artworks with calligraphy brushed which are recommended by link above.

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calligraphy with black ink, and rainbow with water color paint

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Those are all artworks written with waterbrush and brushpens recommended. I think among them, ‘kuretake’ one is most popular and easy to use for calligraphy beginners. Try it!


synthetic / adjective


syn.artificial, man-made


‘Most of clotes are made of synthetic fabrics.’

pigmentation/ noun


no synonym and antonym

‘Pigmentation is important when we produce products.’

dispense/ verb

나누어 주다

syn.destribute, allocate

ant. X

‘Ticket seller distributes tickets to people in front of ticket box.’


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