Stroke by stroke, Hangeul grows popular in design.

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This article is about Korean calligraphist ‘Byungin Kang’. It’s about his starting calligraphy, and  his artworks as commercial product. He also emphasis how superior Hangeul is, compare to other characters. According to him, Hangeul is very good source to make letters form image. Like above, each Hangeul can form image which is related to phrase or words’ original meaning. He said Hangeul has ‘volume’. On the other hand, he criticize thesedays calligraphy. As calligraphy is overused in contemporary advertiesement, even there is no reason to use calligraphy, the results become similar. To solve this problem, he said calligraphers should differentiate there product and create their own style.

I agree with him, because as many people begin to learn or practice calligraphy many imitation artworks are increasing too. That was the most important thing for me when I was struggling with my lettering, because I want something different from others. I want people to recognize mine among lots of other calligraphy artworks. However, not that many people seem to strugglin with that problem thesedays. Some are doing calligraphy as method to earn money. That’s not bad, but I feel kind of depression from that attitude. Even I want to earn money with calligraphy in future, but I will always carry mind with pride and affection with caligraphy, consider calligraphy as company, not just a tool.


quintessential / adjective

정수의, 본질의, 전형의

syn. original, essential

ant. made, not-originl

‘장위안’ seems to be a quintessential Chinese in 비정상회담.

enclave / noun


syn , ant  X

There are many enclaves in Africa.

disdain/ verb


syn. contempt, scorn

ant. respect

Definition of discriminate is ‘To disdain group which is different from original group.’


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