The art of Korean Calligraphy

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summary and opinion

As korean calligrpahy is not that different from Japanese and Chinese calligraphy, people usually get confused korean calligraphy with those two. Becase of the similarity of Hangeul and Japanese, Chineses characters. However, Korean calligraphy artist Sohn In-Sik said that Korean calligraphy is definitely different from both two, as it contains Korean’s phiolosophy of life and it reflects Korean spirit.

There was  exhibiion of Korean calligraphy and culture during February 26~March 11. Thirty six calligraphy artists, including Sohn, participate in the exhibition and their artworks range from classic to contemporary.

Mr.Sohn emphasised that heonly use blck inks and few colored inks on his artworks because it may confuse the original message which people watch through his caligraphy.

On the other hand, thesedays calligraphies are liberated from traditional and rigid caligraphy rules. Therefore, many modern calligraphers try various way to express their message on their works.

From this post, I want to share my artworks, and talk more about my calligraphy 🙂

I would like to link my own blog, and it will be nice for you guys to visit my blog.

(But my blog has posting about idol singer who I like, please care that ;;)

Actually, what  I am doing thesedays are not the traditional one, but what we call modern calligrpahy. I use watercolor paint to express more feelings and maximaize aesthetic bauty of my art works.

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this is quie recent artwork of mine. In this art work, as Mr, Sohn said, I use white paper and black ink. And then add some colred stars. However,

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Not only with black ink, with those colored inks calligraphers can expresswell. Add colors are even better than artworks do not have various color included. It never interferes people to get message from artworks.

Maybe on next post, I can introdce calliraphy tools, and what I usually use to do my works.


exclusive / adjective

독점적인, 배타적인



‘Samsung is taking exclusive role in Korean smartphone market.’





‘People sometimes depict celebrity as a real hero, even he or she are just acting their role in movie.’





‘What I want to do is contmporary-style calligraphy, which is liberated from tradtional calligraphy’s rigid and strict rules.’


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