Difference between Calligraphy and Typography

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According to article above (LINK), Lettering can be simply defined as “the art of drawing letters”, and
calligraphy is based on penmanship; it’s essentially writing letters. On the other hand, lettering is
based on draftmanship(drawing). However, thesedays modernKorean calligraphy includes both
lettering and traditional calligraphy, so it may seems not that important. What is important in this post
is that What is differnt between “Calligrahy (or lettering) and Typography.” Have you ever heard of
typography? It actually does not need skills to use pen or brush , but it needs skill of ‘Setting letters’.
As you can see, typography does not need specially designed font , but specially spaced style. It is
similar to edit magazine cover I think.
One senior (선배) recommed me to apply lettering contest before, but when I searched it, it was
neither calligraphy nor lettering contest. It was typography. When doing calligraphy, I just need brushes and pens, but when doing typography, I have to know how to use related programs and it is
made by computer programing. As the reason why I prefer calligraphy to typography is the feeling of
brush stroke, I’m not sure if there is chance I try typography. Anyway, the point is that whatever
methods calligraphy and typography use, both are necessry sources in design area, and importance of
them are increasing.


penmanship / noun

서법,서도 (Way to write, Rules)

syn,ant X

Students in thesedays are bad at penmanship than past.

pertinent /adjective (~to sth)


syn.proper, appropriate


He came up with opinions that are pertinent to debate.

tutorial / noun

개별지도시간, 사용지침서

syn. guide

ant. X

Some people skip tutorial programs, but that might cause big mistake.


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