Introduction of Public Speaking

After watching MOOC course

my lecture: Introduction of Public Speaking

link: https://www.coursera.org/learn/publicspeaking/outline?module=VKCNN

Firstly, as it was lecture related to public speaking, I thought his speech was very clear and easy to understand. His vocabulary wasn’t that difficult, he uses normal vocabularies. But in this lecture, there are some vocabularies that is quite theoretical. However, he explains theoretical words very well, as liken the meaning of words with easy situations we meet in normal lifetime.

The reason why I choose this lecture is that’s because I experienced public speech right before. ( Advanced Snow English presentation) And I felt that I still need to know lot of skills, such as speech manners because I skipped Q&A, just went back to my seat after presentation finished. If that was more big presentation that has more audiences, that behavior might be seen very impolite. (Because someone might dose have question about my speech.) Also, my tone needs to be improved. As when I am really nervous or excited (be excited because I really like to show my calligraphy artworks to audience), tone of my voice up and down, vibrates etc. So to give stable speech to audience, I need to learn how I can speech calmy, but interestingly to audience. Also I hope I can do presentation with minimal outline of script, according to this lecture, which can make better communication between audiences and speaker. (Actually, what I prepared for my recent presentation was not based on communication, because it was very long and full of sentences so instead, it was for performance I think.)

Anyway, I want to be a good public speaker in future, because I want to speak to many people so that I can show my artworks, explain them, and introduce how fascinating ‘Calligraphy’ is. Therefore, I think even this lecture is not related to design or art area, it will be very nice for me to take this course. After finish this lecture, I hope my public speaking improves greatly so I can give better speech at next presentation about my second passion, Zentangle!


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