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 Have you ever seen this kind of doodle?

Actually it is not a doodle, but it is kind of an artwork.

It calls zentangle, which is ‘the delicate skill of using structured patterns usually drawn by a micropen.  When doing zentangle, you must fill up every space on your canvas ( you can leave background or fill it! ) with patterns.’ , according to articles.

And important thing is that non of  the works shoud look repetitive.

 First time I met zentangle was near when I’ve known calligraphy.  When I was killing time in cafe with my friend, she recommend me to do it. Really, it is perfect  thing to kill your lef time! Haha. After feel interest in it. I searched books about it. There were only two books about zentangle in Korea. In there was several patterns and examples of it. Also you can search lot of zentangle artworks if you put ‘Zentangle’,’Zenart’ in Google brouser.

 Anyway, interesting thing was that when I do zentangle for few minutes, it can give me same effect as I meditate for 10 minutes! It is not only fun but also give benefit to my mental health!  I feel more interest, and finally fall into love with it.

I usually do zentangle to decoratemy calligraphy too, and there are many zentangles in our normal life, such as design prodcts. Unfrunately, not many people are aware of zentangle and its benefit, and how fun it is. Therefore, I want to introduceit to you through my blog.

I will try to upload my zentangle artworks too!


defying / adjective

1.반항하는2.믿기 힘든(설명하기 힘든)

syn. rejective, unbelievalbe

ant. X

His design  was defying style in 1990s.

biblical / adjective

1.성서의 2.엄청난

syn. enormous


A thunderstorm of biblical proportions.

gratification / noun




I can’t found gratification in my artworks thesedays.


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