Zentangle heals patients

site link : http://insurancenewsnet.com/oarticle/2014/10/18/art-therapy-cancer-survivor-doodles-to-help-ease-the-pain-a-569150.html#.VFbjmPnkdS4

As you can see on the article above, zentangle has a effect of healing patients.

According to my experience, I think this effect can be appear(?) because of ‘concentration’ , which comes up when person is doing zentangle. when I do zentangle, I really can ignore whatever environments aroud me. In cafe, even there are many people chatting, I can keep concentrate on my artwork. Because it need deep concentration to keep drawing patterns. Also because some of the patterns are very tiny, I have to look carefully on my paper (or canvas)

Let me put my pictures of doing zentangle! See how I am serious(?) when I’m doing zenarts! Maybe I put more concentrations in zentagle than study for exam 😛

my zen4 my zen3

As you see it, I am feeling all part of the cupholder, which I draw zentangle on it, and it is up to drawer whether to put colors on it or not. When I do zentangle, I feel I’m getting sucked in paper. It feels realy weird but interesting. After finish it, you can feel gratification and you must want to draw more!

I have lots of zentangle artworks on cupholder, and let me show you

one more!

myzen1 my zen2

Don’t you want to start zentangle?! 🙂


doodle / verb

낙서하다, 뭔가를 끄적거리다

syn. scribble


Zentangle is beyond doodling, it is kind of an art.

hereditary / adjective


syn. genetic, ancestoral

ant. acquired

Her diseas was caused by hereditory reason.

subsie / verb


syn.decrease, diminish,ease


Zentangle can somewhat subside ones pain.


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