How to start zentangle 2 (skills and tools)

site link : http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Zentangle

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 Now, are you clear with how to start zentangle? I want to recommend that you don’t have to get all of these zentangle tools. Because, during practicing you’d better use cheaper pen so that you can use it without hesitation. ( You must hesitate to use it if you buy expensive one.)

Even there are articles that recommend you to but qualitified tools, I don’t agree with that!! 😦 We should practice freely!

Now, I will introduce my zentangle tools to you!

zenart tools

(sorry for outfocused…)

It’s real zentangle tools that I use, I usually use pigmet liners which is different from normal ink liners. Because I can’t use watercolor paint if I use water soluable ink. Therefore, I usually draw background in zentangle with multiliners and then color it with watercolor paint.

(From the top)

1.It is pen of Shrpie. I usually use it to draw thick line. It’s water proof! But it smells bad.

2.It’s plus pen of Monami. I can draw thinner line with this. But I use it when I don’t color my artwork, because it is water soluable.

3.It is 0.7mm pigment liner of Steadler. Ink is permanent and waterproof. There are other pigment liners in ‘Eddin’ from german, ‘Sakura’ and ‘Pentel’ from Japan. (But I don;t prefer to use Japan’s. :/  Thckness is same with Sharpie, but I use this more.

4.It is 0.05mm pigment liner of Steadler. I use this to express dramatically delicate zentangle patterns!


tangle / noun

얽힌것, 꼬인 상태

syn. knot, web,jam,entanglement

ant.(verb) disentangle

Koreas financial affairs are in tangle.

contour / noun

윤곽, 등고선


ant. X

I have vivid memories of his facial contour.

deliberate / adj

고의의, 심사숙고의



We must do so in anyway that is responsible and delibrate.


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