Differences between zentangle and dodling

Site link: http://tanglepatterns.com/zentangles/what-is-a-zentangle

I will recommend this article as best article which explains about zentangle very well. What I really want you to read is the part that compare zentangle and doodling.

As zentangle is exactly different from doodling, you should know the differences beyween it and you shoud be proud of yourself of doing zentangle arts.

According to the article, there are three main differences between those two.

First, zentangle does not put importance on outcome, but ‘process’. As zentangle is an unplanned, abstract, and non-object artwork, it puts importance an foundation and process. Therefore, it does not contain recognizable objects. Last difference is that zentangle methods are very focused and mindful, while doodling is been doing with there thoughta occupied with sonething else.


Boundless / adj

경계가 없는

Syn. Free, unstructured

Ant. Structured, limites

That band plays boundless music, which does not have limitatipn of genre they play.

Inspired / adj

영감을 받은


Ant. X

I was inspired by the beautiful scenery.

Aimlessly / ad



Ant. X

I was walking around the city aimlessly, to get rid of my stress.


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