The origin of zentangle

Site link :https://www.alternativesnet.org/event/the-wonderfully-crazy-art-of-zentangle/

This article shows the origin of zentangle. According to the rticle the origin of article is Maria’s doodling. (However, you should have know the difference between zentangle. Because I told you right before on my post.)

Anyway, I was surprised that in normal life we can find out ‘new genre of art’. The great artworks come from common episode!

Also the best quote(?) of this article is

“When yoy don’t have any expectations, You don’t have limitations, and it just becones a primal, beautiful experiences. It is wonderfully crazy.”

-Rick Ronerts-

Like him, we should try to find out something in our life! The star might be common, but that could be wonderful thing that you have never expected.

And I will add today’s(14.11.18)

zentangle artwork!!


It was first time for me to fill up full sketchbook with zentangle drawing!


Garner / verb

정보, 지지 등을 얻다

Syn. Get

Ant. X

Her cinemativ music videos have always garnered a lot of attention.

Rehabilitate / verb

회복시키다,재활치료하다, 사회복귀를 돕다



It is difficult for celebrities to rehabilitate their ruined image.

Veteran / noun


Syn. Expert


I need lots of practices to be a veteran calligraphist.


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