Debate : Censorship of art

site link : http://www.econtentmag.com/Articles/News/News-Feature/Should-Social-Media-Censor-Content-100214.htm

(The article only covers social media, but our debate will cover the area of classic art too)

Even if people argue that Censorship of art invade the freedom of speech nd artists’ freedom of expression, still we need censorship of art(media). There are statistical evidences that show sex and violences in art effect people to commit a crime such as murder or sexual violences. (For example, people who are addicted to game can confuse reaity and game they play, and there are inferences of people’s committing sexual violences because of pornos.) Also people should notignore “Government’s responsibility to protect citizens from indecent media(art). Freedom of speech (expression) is important but we should know that it can be also be misused too. And people don’t have to worry about political problems because our country is executing (삼권분립) seperation of powers. It’ll be mor dangerous if there are no regulator than censorship exists. And citizens in thesedays are so mature that they have ability to figure after unfair suppress. Lastly, not only children but also parents have different rate of accepting media and art. Therefore giving them free to chose what they allow their children to see is not the best way because adults can also be affected by art(media) so we need censorship. In conclusion, the most important point is that censorship does not regulate all kind of arts. It regulates if there are possibilities that art of media can hurt others’ right or effect people in negative way. It exists to maintain healthy culture d to protect both artists and appreciators.


Behead /v

목을 베다, 참수하다



The terrorists ended up beheading the hostage.



syn.step,stride / step, pace


We should be careful not to tread on others’ feet.


끝내다/중단되다,일을 중단시키다./박탈하다/죽이다

syn.end, conclude


And it resists being forcibly terminated.


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