DIfferent strokes

site link: http://www.parispi.net/lifestyles/features/life_styles/article_80cc15e2-74c4-11e4-b691-c7aacac23266.html

Becky Hedges demonstrates zentangle method

The reason why I chose this article is that I think there are  few similarities between Hedges and me.

First, both she and I don’t major in art, but like it. Even I don’t major in art, I love drawing and doing calligraphy.Also I haven’t specially taught  art. However, ‘just start’ zentangle and calligraphy, because I like it. This aspect is quite similar between us. And the way which I get the motive from others’ artworks but not copy it is same as Hedges.

Second, what she think is exactly same as what I think. In the article she says,

“When I start pieces it’s hard for me to know when to quit. But it comes to a point that you can’t do any more and I stop,” she added. “I can easily work for four hours and not realize how long I’ve been working,”

Both calligraphy and zentangle, it took somehow long time to get familiar with skills needed to do them, however I never gave up and kept practicing even I was not satisfied with my results. And even I have to improve more, I think artwork of thesedays are far better than past.

And I like the phrase “just go where it leads me.” Because that’s the main characteristic of Zentangle as I posted last time.

Without plan, just draw patterns as your hand goes. I think that’s the best way to create wonderful zentangle artworks.


Endeavor/noun (also verb)


syn.strive, effort

ant. give up

I will endeavor to finish my artwork.

prominent / adj

중요한, 눈에 잘 띄는, 두드러진, 현저한

syn. importnat, clear,evident

ant.minor, vague

The man over there is a prominent politician.

private/ adj

개인(소장)의, 사유의



SNS seems not to be private communication system, because every body can see my private life.


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